y Barro. 



1988, Mérida, Yucatán, Mx.

Eugenia, Uxi, is a Graphic Designer self taught ceramicist, lives in Yucatán, México. Where some of the principles of prehispanic clay investigations started.

Her work is built within the failure experience based on empirical knowledge and on the nature of the material “clay” , the versatility of it and the endless exploration of the craft.

Ceramic work is closely related to history, morphology, ethnoarcheology, petrography and other currents that study the sediments of the earth and human behavior, this is important to have a better understanding of the composition, use and origin of the prehispanic vessels of the mayan area.

Her work comes as an extension a fragment from the ground that materializes to create an utilitarian object or simply a sculptural piece that emerges as a synonym or representation of its nature and source.